Armenian and Greek Dances 1 with Shakeh Major Tchilingirian and Laura Shannon, in English. Online via Zoom!
Wednesday, 16. September 2020

Armenian and Greek Dances 1 (repeat of our August 1 class, by popular demand)
with Shakeh Major Tchilingirian and Laura Shannon, in English

7-8.30 pm UK time
11-12.30 pm PDT, 2-3.30 pm EDT, 20-21.30 Germany, 9-10.30 pm GR

Laura and Shakeh have been friends and colleagues for over 25 years, and have taught many dance seminars together in various countries. We are continuing our collaboration online, sharing Armenian and Greek dances. This programme repeats the same set of dances from our August 1 class, by popular demand, for those who missed it the first time or who want to repeat the dances to go deeper. 
The dances include the following:
Dance (song, CD) – place of origin (teacher)
1. Syrtós Sta Tría (Syntázontai Avgerinés, Limani track 2) from Thessaly, Greece (Laura)
2. Issos (Bratséra, Limani track 12) from Leros, Greece (Laura)
3. Tsámikos Yiátrissas (Apáno stin triandafylliá, Limani track 10) from Mani, Greece  (Laura)
4. Astvadzadzna Bar (Karin Folk Ensemble) from Armenia (Shakeh)
5. Goghtan (Norayr Kartashyan, Tsarastan) from Goghtn region, Armenia (Shakeh)
6. Shoror Komitasi (Sevada Iritsyan) from Armenia, region unknown (Shakeh)
7. Jeni Jol (Tha spáso koúpes, Limani track 14); Ottoman era (Laura)
8. Hora la Galana (Ya salió de la mar la galana, Limani track 13) from Sephardic Jewish community of Rhodes, Greece (Laura)
9. Faith, Hope, Love / Hayrik (Norayr Kartashyan, Tsarastan), steps arranged by Shakeh Major Tchilingirian (Shakeh)
10. Govand (Sona Yar, Norayr Kartashyan & Van Project) from Armenia (Shakeh)
11. Dabki (Armenian Folk Instrument Ensemble of Los Angeles) from Armenian community of Musa Ler / Musa Dagh (Shakeh)
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Cost: £10 pounds, €12 euros, $15 US dollars, $18 Canadian dollars. 

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