Sacred Dance and the Ancient Roots of Community, illustrated talk for the Findhorn 'Sunday Slot'.
Sunday, 18. April 2021, 12:30 - 14:00

Nine thousand years ago in the Near East, people began to harvest, store and plant seeds in co-creation with nature. They also danced in circles for celebration and worship. These societies were based on sustainability, shared leadership, mutual support, love of art, and reverence for nature. These are the values of the indigenous cultures of Old Europe – and are also core values of the Findhorn community.


People in Eastern Europe still dance in circles to honour the earth. This living tradition inspired Bernhard Wosien's vision of Sacred Dance, which he brought to Findhorn in 1976. Since encountering Sacred Dance in Experience Week in 1985, Laura Shannon has devoted her life to researching circle dances in their places of origin. This illustrated talk touches on the origins of communal dance, the earth-based wisdom the dances transmit, how Sacred Dance brings essential values into being, why women's dances are different, and why Findhorn is an ideal home for Sacred Dance.


Many of you have visited Findhorn and are probably already aware that two cherished historical buildings in the Park, the Main Sanctuary and the Community Centre, were destroyed in a fire early Monday morning. We mourn the loss of these beloved structures, but are deeply grateful that the fire was contained and that nobody was hurt. I am asking that donations for this talk go toward the rebuilding funds for these two structures. You can donate at this link; under 'Designation' please choose 'Other' and write 'rebuilding after fire' (or similar) in the 'In honour of' field.


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