Dancing with live music in the Gardens of Al-Zoum! ONLINE, in English. Special guests: Kumpania Kyratzides, direct from Greece
Saturday, 3. July 2021

Dancing with live music in the Gardens of Al-Zoum! 

with Laura Shannon and live music from Kostantis Kourmadias, Nikolas Angelopoulos and Kumpania Kyratzides

For our last dance event of the season with live music in the Gardens of Al-Zoum, we are delighted to welcome back Kompania Kyratzides once again as our special guests in the Gardens of Al-Zoum. This fantastic traditional ensemble plays authentic music of Northern Greece, specially for us to dance to live!

Achilleas Chachamis with his expressive, authentic singing will join our own Nikolas Angelopoulos on laouto and lafta, Dimitris Brentas on clarinet, gajda, and kaval, and Alexis Nonis on traditional percussion. Kostantis and I will also play live music from our home in Daskalio, bringing in saz, violin, vocals and gentle percussion, to revisit some of the favourite dances from our last 6 months of dancing with live music in the Gardens of Al-Zoum. 

Kostantis Kourmadias and Nikolas Angelopoulos are professional musicians renowned for their mastery of traditional musical styles. For 15 years, they have provided exquisite live music for many of my seminars in Greece, Europe and the UK. The instruments they play, saz, violin, and lafta, allow them to play modal music using microtones lost from our Western 12-note scale, frequencies which have been used for healing since ancient times.
We will dance simple traditional dances with live music, building a basic repertoire of Greek, Armenian and Bulgarian dances and offering one or two new ones each time. We feel simpler dances are easier to learn via Zoom. The simplest dances are also the oldest, with the greatest healing power. When we don't have to think about our movements, we can move more quickly to the advanced level of inner work which these ritual dances enable: kindling life energy, receiving the insights and wisdom of the dance, and sharing the blessings with others. We hope you will find this way of working to be rewarding and nourishing too.

Dances will be drawn from the following (exact programme TBC): 
Issos Bratsera, Syrtós Tourna, Tsámikos Flambouro, Tsámikos Yiatrissa, Sta Tria Miliás, Sta Tria Ráhis, Syrtós Sta Tria, Pogonísios, Zagorísios, Syrtós Dramas, Zonarádikos, Syrtós Synkathistós, Offering Govand, Keesher Bar, Glava Li Ta Boli, Hora la Galana, Syrtós Kappadokías, Kanelóriza, and Lambri Kamara. The dances are simple and will be taught. The event is open to all.



8-11 am PDT (West Coast of N. America)

11 am-2 pm EDT (East Coast of N. America) 

4-7 pm UK

17.00-20.00 Germany/Austria/Sweden/France

6-9 pm Greece



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Kostantis Kourmadias (violin, saz, vocal)

Kostantis specializes in traditional island music and the Greek music of Asia Minor, where his grandparents were born. He teaches Byzantine music at the Pallini Music High School in Athens and travels widely to accompany Laura in her seminars. He has released two CDs of Greek dance music (Taxidi and Limani) and a CD of his original compositions on traditional intruments (Lavra), available from this website.


Nikolas Angelopoulos (lafta and laouto) 

Nikolas plays with Christos Tsiamoulis, Kyriakos Gouventas, Kompania Kyratzides, ensemble Dorόs, and many other musicians, and is a rising star of the new generation of traditional Greek musicians. For over a decade he has accompanied Laura and Kostantis regularly in international concerts and seminars and plays on their CDs Lavra and Limani.


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