Greek Fire 1. We give thanks for fire and food in lockdown

Thursday, November 26, 2020
Today is American Thanksgiving. This holiday is not really known or observed here in Greece, but finding ourselves housebound in lockdown, my husband and I decided to prepare a small celebration meal today, just for ourselves. The pandemic restrictions in Greece are fairly austere at the moment: you can only leave your house for 6 specific reasons, you have to send a text message to a government website and then wait for the response before you can set foot out the door. Luckily, exercise is considered a valid reason, and we are very fortunate to be able to walk by the sea daily – but we have to stick close to home, we can't drive off to have our daily walk someplace further afield. Essential shopping is also permitted, but we can only go to our local supermarket, not to the bigger one in the next town which has a much better selection of organic and whole foods. If any of Kostantis' family in and around Athens were unwell and needed us to take care of them, we would be permitted to go and do that, but again luckily, everyone remains in fairly good health, ftou ftou ftou – however, this means we are not allowed to see them at all. We can't go to them, and they can't come to us.