Summer Solstice: Light a Candle for Greece

Laura Shannon

Folk Dance – Sacred Dance – Circle Dance – Women's Ritual Dances


June 21, 2015

Dear dancing friends,


I bring you greetings from Greece, on this fine summer solstice day. As we can sense the sun hovering at its highest point before the balance tips towards the days of summer shortening towards autumn, we here also perceive, right now, a sense of hovering at an unknown point of change, waiting to learn the outcome of the current Eurogroup talks on the fate of Greece.

In my recent article, Greece: Grandparents on the Table? I share my perspective on a clash of cultures within the current negotiations, and enclose links to several articles which may interest you if you have been following the Greek situation. There is much more to what is happening than what the mainstream press tends to report, and it is always good for intelligent people to look a little bit behind the scenes and decide for themselves.

Finally, at this point on the very cusp of the summer solstice, I invite you to send your good thoughts, prayers and positive energy towards a peaceful and successful resolution of the current impasse between Greece and its creditors. When human efforts appear to have reached their limits, now is the time to ask for help from the angelic and other benevolent non-human realms. I do believe in the power of ritual and prayer, and so I believe that your efforts – perhaps simply to light a candle for peace – will be of great help now, when help is needed.

With love and blessings in the dance,