Greek Fire: Decision, Farewell, Solution - Entscheidung, Abschied, Lösung

Dear lovers of Greece and of Greek dances, (für deutsch siehe unten)
Today I am recommending several key articles.
On the decision taken by the Greek people in their historic referendum Sunday, this blog by my friend and long-term Greek resident Carol P. Christ (who votes here and has also stood for election, twice, as a candidate in the Green Party). You can also leave comments.
"Referendum in Greece: One Small Victory for the 99%"
On the farewell to former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, who had the courage to speak truth to power and was reviled by the creditors (Varoufakis resigned yesterday, ostensibly to increase the Greek government's chances of a new deal):
"As Yanis Varoufakis revs off into the sunset, it’s his substance I’ll remember"
by Suzanne Moore
"Yanis Varoufakis: some of his best quotes"
On the solution for Greece, Europe and the world, please read this astonishing interview with French economist Thomas Piketty which actually appeared in a German newspaper, Die Zeit, and which offers a truthful analysis of the situation as well as a proposal for an immediate solution:
in English:
in the original German:
As I wrote in February in my article The Greek Crisis and the Values of the Dance,
'It is time to exchange austerity for ‘charitable, civic-minded, loving’ values – values of generosity, hospitality, connection and mutual support. These are the values which brought me to live in Greece in the first place, and they are also the values of the dance. First and foremost, they affirm our common humanity...' 
I ask you to please continue sending compassionate thoughts and prayers to Greece now, for a peaceful and sustainable solution to the debt crisis, the humanitarian crisis, and the worldwide economic crisis precipitated by a deeply unfair system.
With love and blessings from the cradle of democracy,
Liebe Tanzfreundinnen und Tanzfreunde,
Heute empfehle ich die folgenden Artikeln.
Auf der Entscheidung getroffen von den griechischen Leuten in ihrem historischen Referendum Sonntag:
Auf dem Abschied zum ehemaligen griechischen Finanzminister Yanis Varoufakis:
"As Yanis Varoufakis revs off into the sunset, it’s his substance I’ll remember"
by Suzanne Moore
"Yanis Varoufakis: some of his best quotes"
Auf der Lösung für Griechenland, Europa und die Welt, diese erstaunliche Interview mit französischem Wirtschaftswissenschaftler Thomas Piketty, das in Die Zeit erschien:
"Deutschland hat nie bezahlt"
Ich bitte Euch, euer mitfühlende Gedanken und Gebete nach Griechenland immer wieder zu senden, und griechische Tänze zu tanzen, für eine ruhige und nachhaltige Lösung zur Schuldkrise, zur humanitären Krise, und zur weltweiten Wirtschaftskrise basiert auf ein tief unfaires System.
mit Grüssen voller Liebe und Segen von der Wiege der Demokratie,



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